AIM ECU-Bridge Connector

The AIM ECU Bridge can be used whenever data is needed to be displayed / visualised but not recorded / logged on the AIM MXL Dash, G-Dash, Formula 2 / GT steering wheels, and of course for overlaying data on the SmartyCam HD on-board cameras. Simple to use and configure with the included Race Studio 2 software. AiM have developed hundreds of different protocols, to make compatibility with virtually all ECU’s possible, either stock or after-market. As an example the data protocols sampled on a stock VW Golf Mk6 ECU are: RPM, Speed, Engine coolant temperature, Air Intake air temperature, Throttle position, Brake pressure, Speed 2, Reference speed, Lateral acceleration, Steering moment, Atmospheric temperature, Oil temperature, Front Left wheel speed, Front rear wheel speed, Rear left wheel speed, Rear right wheel speed, Yaw rate, Steering speed, Steering angle, Brake sensor switch, Injected fuel, Engaged gear, Engine oil temperature and Throttle position percentage.
Brand: AIM
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