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  Stilo DG-30 pasikalbėjimo įranga

Stilo DG-30 pasikalbėjimo įranga

Gamintojas: Stilo
Gamintojo kodas: AB0600

Product information "Stilo Intercom DG-30 (digital)"
The choice of champions! In close cooperation with the Volkswagen WRC factory team, the DG-30 intercom system was developed for the best possible communication between driver and front passenger. Equipped with an active digital noise filter (SDA) for clear and reliable communication, even in very noisy vehicles. In total there are 3 sound filter settings (2 digital and one analogue) and 3 different sound qualities for low or high voices. The Stage / Road mode enables or disables camera recording, radio and telephone connections.

Stilo Digital Active Filter (SDA) - Active Digital Noise Filtering: Cutting-edge technology for massive noise reduction and noise suppression. Noiseless communication means active safety and optimal performance - this enables concentrated driving and seamless communication between driver and front passenger.

Additional features:
Separate volume control for driver and front passenger, remote function (integrated, second replacement intercom), backlight and integrated audio ports for camera and radio. The separate main unit with a GSM SIM card slot or optionally a Bluetooth module can be positioned anywhere (e.g., under the seat).

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